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Michael A. Bernstein
Noa S. Porter

“Guiding players to cross the bridge from College Football to the NFL.”

We are a sports agency that represents professional football players. We personally guide each client down a path which offers the best opportunities for him to realize his full potential as a football player and as a person. We counsel each client through the maze of pre-draft training programs. We promote each client to appropriate NFL decision makers, and we negotiate the most complete contract possible. We advise each client on issues inside, outside, and beyond pro football.

Our firm is specifically designed to meet the needs of a player crossing the bridge from college to the NFL.Our niche is to prepare a draft-eligible player for the draft. We focus on preparing collegians for the challenge of getting drafted as high as possible. In the event a client is not drafted, we do not disappear; rather, we focus on finding the NFL club which provides our client the best opportunity for him to make the opening-day roster.

We are direct and hands on. If you are a player looking for a large firm with veteran players scattered throughout the NFL, we are not for you. If you would prefer a firm designed to give you direct personal attention, we are the one.

If you have the talent to play in the NFL, we will show you the road to realize your dream. We will be your golden ticket to the NFL.