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Each service we provide is tailored to our client’s unique situation.  No two clients are the same.  Whether we are choosing a training program or prioritizing contract demands, we communicate with each client personally in order that we, as agent and player together, make the best possible decisions.


With us, a client’s NFL career begins not when the NFL season starts but when his final college season ends.  Guiding a player through the network of choices leading up to the draft is an area that was virtually ignored decades ago but has evolved to constitute the most important group of services we provide a player coming out of college.

  1. Insurance

    We review insurance options to protect against pre-draft injuries that may occur on or off the field.  An injury suffered during this time period could significantly damage a player’s draft status.

  2. All-Star Games

    Because college all-star games (and their practices) present special opportunities for a college player to make an impression on NFL scouts, we promote each college player to appropriate all-star game selection committees.  For those college players who have the option of choosing among several all-star games, these choices can be tricky. We offer measured advice regarding which game or games a client would be best served to play in. We also attend practices during the week to promote clients to NFL personnel.

  3. Training                

    Our belief that a player’s NFL career begins when his final college season ends is most apparent in the area of training.  We develop a plan tailored to each college client to enable him to reach his peak physical and mental condition for the Combine and/or Pro Day.  This is his time to shine; a head-turning Combine performance can make the difference in hundreds of thousands of dollars for a player’s first contract.  To this end, we guide each client through the maze of available training programs.  Because each program offers different approaches, personnel and locations, we furnish detailed information of each program, including player-references who have been through the program in the past.  We then confer with our client to decide which program is most suitable for his particular needs.

    In addition, we connect each client with a professional nutritionist to create a diet and customized set of supplements. This will allow a player to further enhance his performance.

  4. Club Marketing

    The moment a draft-eligible player hires us, we begin a marketing blitz. We make direct calls to all NFL decision makers, including college personnel directors and position coaches. Despite the fact that most NFL teams may already know of our client, we work to make NFL executives more familiar his talents and work to explain any existing issues. The valuable relationships we have developed over the years allow us to promote a young player more effectively than a new agent in the business.

  5. Club Roster Research

    We examine each team’s roster and depth charts to determine which teams present the most favorable opportunities for our client. The NFL club that a rookie free agent chooses can be a more decisive factor in making a roster than his actual performance at camp.


Once a client is drafted, we delve into the negotiation phase of our representation program.  No two negotiations are the same, but the following principles are critical to successfully negotiating a client’s contract.

  1. Research

    We dare not make a move until we have completed exhaustive research.  We examine the drafting team’s historical contract patterns, league-wide contract trends, and later, comparative player signings. We pay particular attention to a team’s room under the salary cap. You do not stand a chance unless you are armed with knowledge. A player’s first contract could be his most important one, indeed it could be his only contract.  So we meticulously prepare to do it right.

  2. Bargaining

    Since every negotiation is different, it is impossible to predict what issues and therefore what strategies and arguments will be employed in a particular client's case.

    The moving parts to anticipate include placement of dollars in different forms of compensation (e.g. signing bonus, base pay), guarantees, and of course the total amount of money the club will agree to pay. We start negotiating early; the best results take time.



Despite what much of the public believes, most NFL players earn every penny of their pay. After a client signs a contract, we connect the client to a network or trusted financial professionals to assist him in managing his hard-earned money. 

We start with encouraging a new client to open a bank account, preferably at First Republic Bank. We believe each of our clients should have a personal banker to assist with everyday checking, personal loans, establishing credit, and any other needs which may arise.  We have established a warm working relationship with First Republic. They share our philosophy and they treat our clients with respect.

We then introduce our client to a CPA in order to minimize income taxes. Then, after discussing our client’s financial priorities, we introduce each client to trusted professionals in the areas of insurance, securities, and real estate.

We emphasize real estate investing when appropriate.  An investor stands to benefit most from investing in real estate if he has the rare combination of two assets:  youth and money.  The majority of NFL players will attain sizable wealth at a young age so real estate investing often makes perfect sense. Finally, we screen outside financial advisors and programs for clients. If a client is interested in a financial advisor or programs outside of our network, we act as another set of eyes and ears to help guide him.


When a client settles into a team and its city, we begin seeking endorsement opportunities and community involvement. We start by pursuing shoe and trading card deals.  Then, depending on a player’s visibility, we look for more lucrative opportunities. 

We also encourage community involvement. We are anxious to facilitating activities and creating foundations that would benefit a particular group or cause for which our client has a passion. What could be better than earning thousands of dollars doing what you love and having the ability to make life better for others at the same time?

It is rare for a young athlete to have the chance to build a pro football career.  We have developed a program to ensure our clients navigate through the challenges of realizing and then maximizing his career.